What is the Texas Horsemen's Association, Inc.?

The Texas Horsemen's Association, Inc. was formed to advocate the interests and needs of owners and trainers participating in Quarter Horse and Minor Breed horse racing in the state of Texas. The Texas Horsemen's Association, Inc. also strives to actively promote, in general, the horse racing industry in Texas, and specifically the sports of Quarter Horse, Arabian, Paint and Appaloosa horse racing.

The Texas Horsemen's Association, Inc. formed an alliance with the Texas Thoroughbred Horsemen's Association, Inc., which represents owners and trainers of Thoroughbred horses, called the Texas Horsemen's Partnership. It is the Texas Horsemen's Partnership that is the official horseman's organization recognized by the Texas Racing Commission.

The Texas Horsemen's Association, Inc. is governed by a Board of Directors, which is elected by the membership of the Texas Horsemen's Association, Inc. There are nine elected members of the board who each serve a three-year term. Elections for three board members are held at the end of each calendar year.

Specific goals of the Texas Horsemen's Association, Inc. include, but are not limited to, ensuring maximum purse distributions for Quarter Horse and Minor Breed horsemen, improving the quality of horse racing in Texas, securing the maximum number of quality racing opportunities for its members, ensuring adequate living accommodations for stable area personnel, and the improvement of living conditions for our members and their employees that reside in the stable area of the racetracks in Texas.

The Texas Horsemen's Association, Inc. tries to accomplish these goals by the establishment of statutes, directives, rules and contracts with governmental bodies, regulatory agencies and racetracks. The Texas Horsemen's Association, Inc. also actively supports the infrastructure of the Texas Horsemen's Partnership to create and provide services for its members such as the Texas Horsemen's Assistance Fund, which was created to give financial aid to qualified individuals who cannot afford medical care or other basic necessities of life. Other programs that are offered through this joint venture are the Centralized Horsemen's Bookkeeper System, various equine educational activities for all members, and the establishment of uniform levels and consistent testing for therapeutic medication.

The Texas Horsemen's Partnership provides employees at each licensed Class I and Class II horse racetrack to assist members. For more information or answers to specific questions please refer to the "Contact Us" section of this website.