Call to Action!

Now that Governor Rick Perry has called the lawmakers back to Austin in an attempt to solve the state's public school finance system, it is more important than ever for horsemen and fans of horseracing to contact their local legislators.

The Texas Horsemen's Partnership, in conjunction with the other industry organizations and the Texas racetracks, has been engaged in a grassroots effort to communicate our support for video lottery terminals (VLTs) at the racetracks. This effort has been successful, but there are still a lot of horsemen that have not made contact with their Representative or Senator.

“It is extremely important that our members call their legislator today,” said Tommy J. Azopardi, executive director of the Texas Horsemen's Partnership, LLP. “Our lobby team will be knocking on doors and talking to lawmakers over the next several weeks, and it is critical that those members of the House and Senate have been getting letters and phone calls from constituents back home that are in support of our VLT initiative.”

“We have already begun to see the influence from out-of-state interests that would love to see our VLT legislation fail,” Azopardi continued. "Some of the casino companies have hired well-respected lobbyists to see that Texas doesn't get the competitive tools we need.”

The Texas Horsemen's Partnership is equipped to help any member locate the contact information for their legislator. The office is also armed with sample letters and talking points in support of video lottery terminals. If any member is interested in helping out with this effort, please call the THP office and speak with Wanda.

“As one state-wide leader put it recently, ‘The stars are aligned’ to bring VLTs to Texas tracks, but we will not be victorious if we sit back and do nothing to show widespread support for these machines,” stated Azopardi. “You cannot assume that someone else is going make those calls or write those letters. Each and every horseman that is interested in preserving our sport and attracting new participants should get involved now.”

The Texas Horsemen's Partnership phone number is (512) 467-9799, or you mail e-mail Wanda at

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