Partnership Gets New Exhibit Display

Compass Bank has presented the Texas Horsemen's Partnership (THP) with an exhibit booth, which will allow our organization to present and showcase the member benefits and services we provide. The booth is a high-quality display, and it comes complete with a television monitor and VCR capable of showing video footage of the events and activities that the THP conducts for Texas horsemen.

This display enables the THP to have a visible presence at industry events such as horse sales, racetrack events and annual meetings. Additionally, it will allow us to create awareness of our industry outside our racing community.

“Many times, we are asked by civic organizations to give presentations about Texas horse racing,” stated THP Executive Director Tommy J. Azopardi. “Now we will have some dramatic visual aids to compliment our talks. This will become more and more important as we try to emphasize the agricultural and economic importance of our industry to our political and community leaders.”

Members will also be able to get information on their horsemen’s organization by visiting this booth. We will have information relating to the horsemen’s bookkeeper system, the HBPA-sponsored liability insurance, assistance applications, and other items of interest and benefit to Texas horsemen.

“We are extremely fortunate to have such a great partner as Compass Bank,” said Azopardi.

Compass Bank will receive prominent signage on the display, and they will have the opportunity to present commercials in the video loop, which will be shown when the booth appears at functions.

Several years ago, the THP made the decision to consolidate our bank accounts and use Compass Bank exclusively. In consideration for our business, Compass has become a major supporter of our industry. It immediately developed a free checking account offer for all THP members (details can be seen on the benefits section of this website). Compass has also sponsored numerous events such as the National HBPA convention that was held in San Antonio and several events at Retama Park.

“I sincerely hope that Texas horsemen realize the commitment that Compass has made, and continues to make, to our industry and, in turn, support Compass when looking for a bank to handle their financial needs,” urged Azopardi.

The booth will make its debut at the Texas Thoroughbred Association (TTA) annual meeting in Austin this weekend. Please stop by and see this spectacular exhibit and visit with our employees.

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