THP Launches Texas Horsemen's PAC

Realizing the need to have a larger presence in the legislative process so that horsemen’s concerns are properly represented, the Texas Horsemen’s Partnership has just formed a Political Action Committee (PAC). The newly formed PAC, Texas Horsemen’s PAC, will allow the THP to raise money that will be used in various political campaigns as necessary. It will also allow us to obtain the services of a professional legislative consultant.

Among numerous plans to raise funds for the PAC will be a voluntary check-off card that owners, trainers and jockeys can sign, which will instruct the bookkeepers at each track to deduct the authorized amount from your horsemen’s account when certain conditions have been met. This new type of contribution method will allow all horsemen to participate when they have racing activity at any Texas track.

A series of meetings are also being planned at various tracks to introduce the PAC and discuss our legislative progress, funding mechanisms, and plans for the future.

“Our goal is to empower every horsemen with the ability to have a voice and make a difference in our legislative process and keep them informed on developments” said Tommy J. Azopardi, Executive Director of the Texas Horsemen's Partnership, LLP. “I continually get calls from members that say they want to contribute to our efforts but they don’t know how. Now, we will be able to include them in our endeavors and allow them to be a part of shaping our future.”

The Texas Horsemen's PAC has engaged the services of Reggie Bashur to represent the organization and its members. Bashur is a well-respected Austin lobbyist with years of experience representing clients in front of the Texas Legislature. Bashur has already started working with the other industry lobbyists to prepare for an expected special session of the Legislature in April which will deal with public education reform.

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