THP Offers Help at Tax Time

As the April 15th IRS deadline approaches, the Texas Horsemen's Partnership reminds you that your money earned and expenses paid thru your horsemen’s bookkeeper account in Texas can be viewed online at

Every person that has started a horse at a Texas racetrack has a horseman’s bookkeeper account that is used to disperse purse money earned. The accounts also show jockey fees paid and, in most cases, the charges for win photos. All of that activity can be seen online at our website with a password-protected user ID. And this year, our system will allow you create free consolidated statements of your Texas activity with other racetracks in states using the horsemen's bookkeeper system, such as Louisiana.

We have also added two new features to our bookkeeping system in an effort to improve our services to the members. Users of our online feature can now view their statements in HTML format -which will allow a faster method of display and incorporates new interactive features - or the traditional Adobe PDF format. The other feature now shows all horse names as a hyperlink. By clicking on a hyperlink, horsemen have the option to purchase reports for that horse, including:

  • Lifetime Starts in Past Performance format (video replays available) - $8
  • Lifetime Starts in Past Performance format (chart links included) - $10
  • 5-Generation Pedigree - $3
  • Enhanced Premium Edited Pedigree - $15

The Texas Horsemen's Partnership is proud to have pioneered this revolutionary Horsemen’s Bookkeeping system in conjunction with InCompass, which is a member of The Jockey Club family of companies.

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