TRC Makes Minor Change to Acceptable Identification for Licensure

Effective March 1, 2005, the Texas Racing Commission (TRC) is no longer accepting the Mexico Driver’s License as an acceptable item for photo identification and proof of your identity for licensure. However, in lieu of this change, the Matricula Consular Card issued in Mexico will be an acceptable photo identification alternative, in addition to the proof of your identity items listed below:

Proof of Your Identity

The Commission requires proof of identity before a badge will be issued. The Commission accepts any one of the following as proof of your identity:

  • Current photo driver license or photo ID issued by any state in the United States, U.S. territory, the District of Columbia, or Canadian Province;
  • Current United States Passport;
  • United States citizenship (naturalization) certificate with photo;
  • Current United States Immigration and Naturalization Service document with verified date and identifiable photograph; or
  • Current United States military ID card for active duty, reserve or retired personnel with identifiable photograph.

If you have questions or different forms of identity documentation, please ask the Texas Racing Commission licensing clerks for assistance. They will do their best to help you with your questions.

You may also reach the Texas Racing Commission Licensing Department in Austin at (512) 833-6699.

Every applicant who receives a badge must present:

  • One piece of primary identification; or
  • One piece of secondary identification plus two pieces of support identification; or
  • Two pieces of secondary identification

* Owner type license only - applicant’s under 18 years of age – must provide one of the documents listed below.

Please refer to the following chart for Required Identification regarding licensing - click here for the chart

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