Statement on EHV-1 Outbreak in Grayson County: Texas Racing Commission Takes Steps to Address EVH-1 Outbreak

(Austin, Texas - Saturday, April 29, 2023) - The Texas Racing Commission's priority is to provide the ability for all participants in Texas horseracing to safely engage in the sport. With the announcement of the outbreak of Equine Herpesvirus (EHV-1) (neurologic form) in Grayson County, Texas yesterday by the Texas Animal Health Commission, Texas racetracks have been notified they should closely review health certificates from Grayson County, surrounding counties and across Texas and exercise caution when making the determination as to whether they should stable horses during the current Quarter Horse and Thoroughbred meets.

Additionally, the Texas Racing Commission encourages all participants to monitor any guidance released by the Texas Animal Health Commission, and the United States Department of Agriculture, as well as to follow the guidelines published by Texas racing facilities.

"Standard policy in response to a notification of an EVH-1 outbreak is that horses should not be admitted to a racetrack for fourteen (14 days) from the last known positive case from an affected area," said Dr. Steve Bond, DVM, Chief Veterinarian, Texas Racing Commission. "Each horse should have an updated health certificate demonstrating a normal temperature, with normal typically between 99.5-101.5 degrees."

General guidelines include the presentation of an EVH-1 negative test result upon entering a horse into a race park barn and may also include a quarantine period as directed by the race park management staff.

"We hope that Grayson County can successfully overcome this outbreak and we welcome horses that can demonstrate that they are healthy and ready to compete in the great State of Texas," said Amy F. Cook, Executive Director of the Texas Racing Commission.

Sam Houston Race Park and Lone Star Park will provide any additional guidelines for participants at their facilities in condition books and/or public statements as appropriate.

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