Manor Licensing Office to Open Tuesday, February 10

The Manor Downs licensing office will open on Tuesday, February 10, 2009, in advance of the track planning to open for official workouts on Saturday, February 14, 2009. Please note that Section 313.505 of the Rules of Racing requires the person riding the horse and the person bringing the horse to the track for an official workout to hold a current Texas Racing Commission license. Live racing at Manor Downs starts on Saturday, February 28, 2009, and runs through Sunday, April 26, 2009.

Licensing Office Hours*

February 10 - February 15
Pre-Meet Hours
Tuesday, February 10
9 - 1 and 2 - 6
Wednesday, February 11
9 - 1 and 2 - 6
Thursday, February 12
9 - 1 and 2 - 6
Friday, February 13
9 - 1 and 2 - 6
Saturday, February 14
9 - 1 and 2 - 6
Sunday, February 15
9 - 1 and 2 - 6
February 16 - April 26
Live Race Meet Hours
8 - 12 and 1 - 4
8 - 12 and 1 - 4

8 - 12 and 1 - 4

8 - 12 and 1 - 4
8 - 12 and 1 - 4

*Office hours are subject to change. Please call the licensing office at (512) 272-5816 to verify hours of operation.


Commission Authorizes Anabolic Steroid Testing & Puts Limit on Toe Grabs

The Commission began anabolic steroid testing starting on January 1, 2009, under the Commission’s existing rule authority. As a result, horsemen should no longer administer anabolic steroids to any horse intended for competition.

Also starting on January 1, 2009, the Commission instructed the racetrack associations to use House Rules to limit toe grabs on Thoroughbred and Arabian horses to two millimeters and to limit toe grabs on Quarter Horses, Paint Horses and Appaloosa to four millimeters.

Revised Fingerprint Rule

Significant revisions to the fingerprint process for licensees went into effect on December 1, 2008, with the implementation of a new electronic fingerprint system. Each occupational license applicant who submits fingerprint cards for a background check is now required to pay a $12 fingerprint processing fee in addition to the occupational licensing fee.

Based on revisions to the Commission’s fingerprint rule, each applicant, including those 10 years of age or older, is now required to submit fingerprint cards. In addition, the Commission will update a licensee’s background information more often, as license holders are now fingerprinted every three years, instead of every five years.

Applicants for occupational licenses may obtain licensing information from any Licensing office at any Texas racetrack or call the Austin office at 512-833-6699. Applicants may also be eligible to submit an on-line application. Go to the TxRC website at for more information.

Revisions to Horse Trainer Examinations

Significant revisions to the horse trainer examination process went into effective July 1, 2008. Major revisions were made to both the written and practical test. In conjunction with these new tests, the Texas Racing Commission (TxRC) has published a comprehensive study guide to assist prospective trainers in preparing for the examination.

The revised written test covers pertinent areas of the Texas Racing Act, Rules of Racing, general racing terms, the anatomy of a horse, trainer responsibilities, drug testing, pari-mutuel wagering, equipment, veterinary policies, condition books and the claiming process. An applicant must pass the written test before the practical exam may be taken.

The revised practical exam consists of a three-part “hands-on” test, administered by a panel composed of a Commission Steward, a Commission Veterinarian, and a Texas Horsemen’s Partnership representative. To apply for a new trainer license, an applicant must first pass both the written and practical exam and have horse papers on file at the racetrack.

The Race Horse Trainer Study Guide is now available at the TxRC Licensing offices and the Texas Horsemen’s Partnership offices at all horse racetracks and are also available on the TxRC website at All tests must be scheduled in advance by contacting the TxRC Licensing Office at Lone Star Park at Grand Prairie, Retama Park in Selma, or Sam Houston Race Park in Houston. The tests will be administered during live race meets at these tracks.Please note that the tests will not be administered at Manor Downs. For more information, contact the Board of Stewards, the Licensing Office at one of these tracks, or contact the Austin office at 512-833-6699.

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