Annual THP Elections Process Set to Commence, TTHBPA Board Will Appoint Nominating Committee at October 19 Meeting

(Austin, Texas - October 12, 2010) - The process to elect new 2011 Board of Directors members for the Texas Horsemen’s Benevolent and Protective Association (THBPA) and the Texas Thoroughbred HBPA, Inc. (TTHBPA) will take place this fall. Each of the two organizations that comprise the Texas Horsemen’s Partnership, LLP has different election procedures. The election schedule for each organization is still being determined, so watch for notes at your local racetrack and the THP website for updates. 

THBPA (Quarter Horse, Paint, and Appaloosa Board): The Texas Horsemen’s Benevolent & Protective Association will hold its annual meeting for the purpose of accepting nominations for candidates to run for the upcoming elections for the 2010 Board of Directors at a date and place still to be determined. All persons licensed by the Texas Racing Commission (TRC) as owners or trainers of horsesare eligible for membership in the THBPA. A person becomes a member of the THBPA by participating in a race meeting at any licensed racetrack in Texas within the last year.

Nominations will be accepted from any member in attendance at the meeting, with two other members seconding that nomination. Nominations by the nominating committee shall not require seconds.

The nominating committee shall neither make nor accept any nomination after the adjournment of the general nominating meeting, except that for a period of fifteen (15) days thereafter, additional members may be nominated by petition duly signed by at least fifteen (15) members of the Association in good standing, provided that said petition is filed with the Secretary/Treasurer of the Association during said fifteen (15) day period.

If you have any questions, please contact the THP Austin office at (512) 467-9799.

TTHBPA: The Texas Thoroughbred HBPA, Inc. is having a Board of Directors meeting on Tuesday, October 19, at which time that board will be appointing a nomination committee to recommend nominees for the upcoming election.

The Texas Thoroughbred HBPA, Inc. will hold its annual meeting for the purpose of accepting nominations for candidates to run for the upcoming elections for the 2010 Board of Directors. The meeting
will take place at at a date and time to be determined.

Any ten (10) members, in good standing, of the TTHBPA may nominate an eligible member for consideration.

In order to be considered eligible for candidacy, an individual must have started a minimum of two (2) Thoroughbred horses a minimum of five (5) times at a Texas racetrack as the owner or trainer of the horses in the past year and raced for at least six (6) months prior to being nominated, or those individuals whom have raced in a partnership or other entity so long as the individual is reflected in Texas Racing Commission records as owning at least a five percent (5%) interest or more in the partnership or entity.

Ten (10) signatures of TTHBPA members, with their Texas Racing Commission license numbers listed by the signatures, must accompany all nominations. All nominations must be submitted no longer than fifteen (15) days after the nominating meeting.

The ballots for the TTHBPA election will be going out in December and will be counted in early January.

To ask questions or to review nomination/election procedures established by our bylaws, or to obtain a nominating form, please contact the THP Austin office at (512) 467-9799.

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