Sherwin-Williams: THP/NTRA Purchasing Vendor of the Month

Sherwin-Williams, a global producer of paints and coatings, is the THP/NTRA Purchasing Vendor of the Month for July. Sherwin-Williams offers preferred pricing on its products to horsemen as an NTRA Purchasing partner. All THP members are eligible to take advantage of these special packages since the THP is an NTRA member.

Sherwin-Williams has taken the lead in service and product advances for fence, barn and indoor/outdoor paints. In addition, the company sells other products such as stains, wallcoverings, carpet, and painting supplies.

In addition to the financial discount you will receive through NTRA Purchasing, the horse racing industry will benefit from your participation in this program because a portion of every sale through the program goes back into the horse racing industry.

Some of the highlights of the Sherwin-Williams-NTRA Purchasing program available to THP members include:

  • Pre-established pricing consistent at every farm
  • Account established with just one call
  • 20%-40% savings on paint and related items
  • 100% Acrylic Fence Paint available in black or white
  • Pre-assigned servicing locations for each farm
  • Stores staffed with knowledgeable employees able to answer all of your coating questions
  • Specifications written upon request
  • Sherwin Williams Sales Rep available for specifications
  • A portion of every sale goes back into the industry

All THP members have to do to get started taking advantage of Sherwin-Williams discounts is make one phone call to your Texas NTRA Purchasing Representative, Allen Roark, at (254) 337-0843 or e-mail him at Let him know that you want to set up an account to use the Sherwin-Williams discount, and he will give you an account number and inform your local Sherwin-Williams dealer of the account and the procedures they need to follow in order to ensure that you get the appropriate discount.

According to Texas Horsemen’s Partnership Director of Communications Richard E. Glover, Jr., “When I bought my house, I decided to take advantage of discounts at Sherwin-Williams through my NTRA membership. NTRA Purchasing made it simple. I sent one e-mail to them telling them where the nearest Sherwin-Williams store was to me, and they gave me an account number to use at the store and called the store manager to tell him I would be coming in.”

“I had no experience painting, and the helpful staff at my local Sherwin-Williams stepped me through everything I would need to do the job. I received a considerable discount on the paint – approximately one-third off – as well as discounts on the supplies. Overall, I saved a good deal of money using my NTRA Purchasing discount, and there were no surprises or problems in the billing process. I’d recommend NTRA Purchasing’s Sherwin-Williams program to any horsemen in the market for paint or painting supplies.”

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