OfficeMax: THP/NTRA Purchasing Vendor of the Month for November

OfficeMax, a major distributor of office products, including office supplies, computer supplies and office furniture, is the THP/NTRA Purchasing Vendor of the Month for November 2005. Through your THP membership, you can take advantage of substantial NTRA Purchasing discounts while ordering through OfficeMax's website.

Savings depend on your purchases. Members are eligible to receive the NTRA Preferred pricing on products including furniture and special-orders.

The more money an individual or company spends with OfficeMax through NTRA Purchasing, the bigger the savings. If a business spends more than $400 per month through the program, NTRA Purchasing connects that business with an OfficeMax representative to take care of its needs, and its discounts are even greater.

The average weighted discount on OfficeMax items through NTRA Purchasing is 55%.

To see the discounted Office-Max pricing available to you and browse the company's products, visit the OfficeMax website at and enter the username "ntrafarm" and the password "boise1." Note that both the username and password must be in all lower-case letters.

When signed into the NTRA section of OfficeMax¹s website, you can shop the extensive online catalog that features over 100,000 products, place an order, or even request to return merchandise.

The OfficeMax website provides a unique service of offering you Online Assistance. You can request a customer service associate to contact you via chat or phone. You can contact them for any reason, technical or customer service related. They respond to your request within 30 seconds.

The Live Online Assistance Button is available on every page at the top, right corner of your screen. Just click on it and choose how you want to be contacted.

To enjoy the pricing at your local OfficeMax store, you can call NTRA Purchasing at (866) 678-4289 and request a Preferred Customer Retail Card that you can bring to any retail location to scan and obtain the discounts.

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