THP Offers New Opportunity for Members

The Texas Horsemen’s Partnership will be adding a new face to our team and answering a long-standing request from our membership. Charles “Chuck” Nuber, former state steward for the Texas Racing Commission, is now available as a consultant to all of our members who might have issues ranging from hearings before the stewards to ongoing operations at the racetrack.

“Our horsemen have often stated that they would like to have ‘legal representation’ provided by the THP in certain situations,” stated Tommy Azopardi, executive director of the Texas Horsemen’s Partnership. He continued, “There are obvious liability concerns involved with providing legal advice; however, this arrangement will now allow us to substantially comply with our member’s request and not incur the exposure or the expense of the ‘legal’ arena,”

Texas horsemen will now have access to the perspective of a recent steward and former employee of the Commission to advise and council them on matters that involve the regulatory end of our business.

Mr. Nuber will also be writing an advice column in communication materials that are sent the membership, in addition to serving as a resource in evaluating our current rules and medication policies, assisting us in overhauling our drug and alcohol treatment programs, and attending regular horsemen's committee meetings at the track.

“I think Chuck Nuber has the respect and admiration of our members, as well as the current stewards, and will be a wonderful asset to our organization,” said Azopardi. “His reputation as always being ‘horsemen friendly’ makes him the perfect candidate for this position, and I hope that the membership takes advantage of the new opportunity.

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