NTRA Adds Nextel To List of Suppliers

NTRA Purchasing is proud to add Nextel to our list of suppliers providing superior products to industry participants. Nextel is now available specifically for your operations and business needs. Because of the THP’s membership in the NTRA, all THP members are eligible to take advantage of the savings offered by this new NTRA Purchasing partnership.

Nextel Communications is a leading provider of fully integrated, wireless communications services on the largest guaranteed, all-digital, wireless network in the country. The Nextel 4-in-1 service—Nextel Digital Cellular, Direct ConnectSM, Nextel Mobile Messaging and Nextel Online®—covers thousands of communities across the United States.

Technology and Service Differentiation

Nextel uses a packet-based platform, the integrated Digital Enhanced Network (iDEN™) technology, developed by Motorola. This all-digital technology provides exceptional sound and transmission quality, using state-of-the-art methods that deliver these unparalleled Nextel services:

  • Digital Cellular
    Customers experience crystal clear calls and guaranteed message delivery in a secure environment, no matter where they travel within the Nextel National Network.
  • Direct ConnectSM Service
    This digital walkie-talkie service lets customers get right through to business associates, family and friends without placing a phone call.
  • Nextel Mobile Messaging
    The untethered power of the Internet keeps customers connected to clients, co-workers and family with text, numeric and two-way messaging.
  • Nextel Online® Service
    Ranked #1 in wireless Internet service satisfaction since January 2002, according to In-Stat/MDR Group, Nextel Web-based services provide anywhere access to office or personal email, wireless-enabled Internet sites and company databases.

When you participate in NTRA Purchasing, you help support the NTRA’s programs to increase the popularity of Thoroughbred racing and improve economic conditions in our industry. Only NTRA Purchasing offers the benefits of lower costs on products and services and direct support for the business of Thoroughbred racing and breeding.

For more information on Nextel phones and service plans available specifically for horseman and industry participants, call NTRA Purchasing at (866) 678-4289.

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