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Texas Jockeys Sport LOPE Logo

Texas jockeys are showing support for LOPE Texas, a nonprofit racehorse placement program, by wearing a custom-made LOPE logo patch on their pants. At Sam Houston Race Park, several jockeys began wearing the eye-catching LOPE patches during the
recent Thoroughbred racing meet.

“Jockeys essentially make their living riding horses. Because of this, we have a shared obligation to help provide an education to our fellow horsemen and racing fans on the importance of finding suitable homes for ex-racers. Every jockey longs for a happy and safe end to their riding career, no matter how long or short it may be. The horses we ride deserve the same happiness. The LOPE Texas patch, worn on the jockeys’ pant leg, is a symbol of the respect and love that all of us feel for the horses that we ride,” says jockey Deirdre Panas.

LOPE Texas is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit devoted to providing new careers for retiring ex-racehorses of all breeds in Texas. It does this through its online services and ranch adoption center. Since 2003, LOPE Texas has helped over 250 ex-racehorses transition into new homes after their racing careers ended.

“We are so touched that Texas jockeys would show their support for LOPE in such a strong and visible way,” says LOPE Executive Director Lynn Rorke. “They know the horses so well and care so much about them. It is truly an honor that they have chosen our logo to wear on behalf of the horses.”

In addition to the Texas jockeys, LOPE Texas would like to thank its partners and sponsors (Texas Horseman Partnership, Nutrena Feeds and Austin Equine Associates) for their continued support of the LOPE Texas adoption and placement programs.

For more information, visit the LOPE Texas website at or contact LOPE Executive Director Lynn Rorke, at or (512) 565-1824.

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