LOPE Texas Transitions Its 250th Texas Racehorse

LOPE Texas is pleased to announce that it has now transitioned a total of 250 Texas ex-racehorses into new homes since 2003.

LOPE Texas is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization devoted to providing new careers for retiring ex-racehorses of all breeds in Texas. It does this through its online services and its ranch adoption center near Austin.

“We are so excited to have reached the 250 horses total so far,” commented Lynn Rorke, LOPE’s executive director. “Our larger goal is to someday place 300 horses each year. We are actively raising funds to help promote the Texas ex-racehorse and educate the riding public about how well they transition into second careers after racing.”

LOPE Texas graduates enter a variety of new careers, such as roping horses, hunters/jumpers, barrel racers, pleasure and trail horses, dressage mounts, or breeding animals, to name just a few. At its website (www.lopetx.org), LOPE helps transition Texas ex-racehorses by listing horses for sale at Sam Houston Race Park, Retama Park, and Lone Star Park at Grand Prairie. LOPE does not take commissions on sales and operates entirely as a non-profit organization.

LOPE also takes in donations of racehorses at its farm and adopts them out to new homes. Since opening the farm in 2004, LOPE Texas has received 45 donated horses from racing owners and trainers.

“The Texas ex-racehorse is a special breed,” explained Rorke. “We think they are better-bred, better-trained, and have better minds than the average ex-racehorse. We are always impressed with the quality of horse that comes through our program.”

To help promote the Texas ex-racehorse, LOPE is a proud member of the Texas department of Agriculture’s GO TEXAN program.

LOPE Texas would like to thank its partners and sponsors (Texas Horsemen's Partnership, Nutrena Feeds and Austin Equine Associates) for their support of the LOPE Texas adoption and placement programs.

For more information, visit the LOPE Texas website at www.lopetx.org or contact LOPE Executive Director Lynn Rorke, at lynn@lopetx.org or (512) 565-1824.

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