Horsemenship Clinics to Be Held in Fredericksburg and Chappell Hill to Benefit LOPE Texas

Two horsemanship clinics have been scheduled that will serve as fundraisers for LOPE Texas. One will be in Fredericksburg on July 29, and the other will be in Chappell Hill on August 18-20. If you want to work on your horsemanship and how you partner with your horse, please attend one (or both) of these clinics and help LOPE.

The Fredicksburg clinic will focus on how your horse perceives you and the world, and how to pick up a softer, lighter connection with your equine partner. It will be led by Stephanie Camfield, a professional horsewoman in Fredericksburg with many years experience working with horse and rider.

You will spend time with your horse on the ground and riding, and there will be much individual attention in this focused clinic. Open to all levels of horse and rider. Very informal and relaxed clinic format - ideal for folks who haven't attended clinics before.

LOPE's Fredericksburg clinic will be conducted from 9:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m. on July 29 at the Hill Country Horse Arena in Fredericksburg.

Please contact Stephanie Camfield at (830) 990-8202 or by e-mail at for information on pricing and registration.

The Chappell Hill clinic will focus on "horse whispering" and natural horsemanship concepts. It will be led by Aaron England, an accomplished equestrian who employs natural techniques in training people and horses.

Aaron's lifelong mission is to teach and share his knowledge with others to improve the horse industry. His knowledge of horse communication, training, and showing will get you excited about spending quality time with your horse. Aaron's style of Versatile Horsemanship will help you reach new goals with your horse, no matter what your discipline. Aaron's techniques are impressive, especially since he incorporates them as he competes in the cutting show circuit!.

Aaron will be holding a general horsemanship clinic open to all levels of horse and rider at a wonderful facility in Chappell Hill on August 18-20, beginning each morning at 9:00 a.m.

Please contact Riva England at (877) 484-9718 or by e-mail at for information on pricing and registration.

LoneStar Outreach to Place Ex-Racers (LOPE) is a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit devoted to providing new careers for retiring racehorses of all breeds in Texas. Through its online services and ranch adoption center, LOPE has transitioned over 400 Texas ex-racehorses into new homes since 2003.

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