Ethics Provisions Adopted

At its first meeting of the year, the Texas Horsemen’s Benevolent & Protective Association’s Board of Directors added language to the THBPA bylaws that will prohibit individuals from serving in other racing related organizations in Texas while they are board members of the THBPA. The Texas Thoroughbred HBPA (TTHBPA) adopted the same provision a few months ago to ensure that there was no chance for conflicts of interest.

The Texas Racing Commission (TRC) addressed this issue a few months ago during the regular review process to recognize the Texas Horsemen’s Partnership (THP) as the official organization representing horse owners and trainers in Texas as prescribed by law. Commissioner Treva Boyd instructed the commission’s executive secretary, Paula Flowerday, to draft a Conflicts of Interest rule when it was pointed out that several board members of the THP’s constituent partners also served on the boards of directors for other industry organizations. A rule proposal was brought forward, but the TRC stopped short of taking formal action to address this subject after hearing testimony from the various industry organizations.

“The directors of the THBPA and the TTHBPA felt that it was important to address the concerns raised by its membership and the Texas Racing Commission,” stated THP Executive Director Tommy J. Azopardi. “Occasionally, we have received input from our members commenting that there should not be any overlap between the leaders of the horsemen’s organization and the breed registries.”

Azopardi continued, “Some felt it was impossible to adequately represent both organizations and their member’s best interests at the same time. I think our board members’ actions again demonstrate that they are responsive to the members concerns and that they have the utmost integrity in the way they approach issues.”

You can review the complete set of revised bylaws for the Texas Horsemen’s Benevolent and Protective Association and the Texas Thoroughbred HBPA by going to the Quarter Horse or Thoroughbred sections of this website.

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