TTHBPA Election Underway, THBPA Election Concluded

(Austin, Texas - December 10, 2010) - The process to elect new 2011 Board of Directors members for the two organizations that comprise the Texas Horsemen’s Partnership, LLP, the Texas Horsemen’s Benevolent and Protective Association (THBPA) and the Texas Thoroughbred HBPA, Inc. (TTHBPA), have been underway for some time.

In these difficult economic times while our industry is in decline because of both the overall economy and the fact that Texas racing is handicapped by its lack of alternative gaming compared to all its neighboring states, the THP has been fortunate to have such strong and dedicated horsemen and women serving on both of its boards of directors. In soliciting nominations to run for open spots on both boards this year, it was extremely difficult to find candidates who were both willing and eligible to run.

THBPA (Quarter Horse, Paint, and Appaloosa Board): The THBPA (Quarter Horses, Paints, and Appaloosas) was scheduled to elect two (2) owner representatives and one (1) trainer representative. No opposing candidates could be found to run against incumbant owners Jerry Windham and Connie Nobles. Trainer John Buchanan chose not to run for re-election, and trainer George Haddad accepted a nomination to run for the one open trainer’s representative seat.

With exactly the number of candidates as open seats on the THBPA board, the current THBPA board met and declared Jerry Windham, Connie Nobles, and George Haddad the winners by default. As a result, no ballots will be mailed to THBPA members this year. The new THBPA board will hold its first meeting and elect 2011 officers in January.

TTHBPA (Thoroughbreds and Arabians): TTHBPA members will elect two (2) owner representatives and one (1) trainer representative for 2011.

All persons licensed by the Texas Racing Commission (TRC) as owners or trainers of Thoroughbred or Arabian horses are eligible for membership in the TTHBPA. A person becomes a member of the TTHBPA by participating in a race meeting at any licensed racetrack in Texas within the last year.

Jerry Durant and incumbant president M. Jan Haynes have accepted nominations to run for the two owner representative seats, while Lane Hutchins has chosen not to run for re-electon.

Charles “Chuck” Wright and incumbant W. Bret Calhoun have accepted nominations to run for the one trainer representative seat.

Election ballots will be mailing out to TTHBPA members in early December, and it is imperative that all members carefully follow the instructions on the ballots they receive in order insure that your ballot is valid and counted.

Completed ballots must be received by close of business on Friday, January 14, 2011 in order to be counted. Note that ballots must be received by this day to be counted – not postmarked by this day. Be sure to mail your completed ballot in the signed postage prepaid business reply envelope early enough for it to arrive by Friday, January 14, 2011.

Election ballots will be verified and counted by an independent CPA firm.

Each and every year, the THP staff and our independent auditors receive numerous returned ballots which do not follow the explicit instructions for each specific board. According to the TTHBPA bylaws, any variation from the instructions on your ballot render it invalid, and it will not be counted.

The ballot you receive will instruct you as to exactly how many candidates you may vote for in each category (owner or trainer). If you vote for more than the number instructed in any category, your ballot will not be counted. Write in votes will not be counted.

When you have completed your ballot, place it in the small ballot envelope. Then insert that small ballot envelope into the postage prepaid business reply envelope. Sign the outside of the prepaid postage envelope. The postage prepaid business reply mailing envelope must be signed. It is imperative that your signature is present for verification.

If you have started a Thoroughbred or Arabian horse in Texas in the last twelve (12) months and do not receive a TTHBPA ballot by December 20th, or if you have any other questions regarding the elections, please contact the THP’s main office in Austin at (512) 467-9799 or

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