It's Texas Thoroughbred HBPA, Inc. Board of Directors Election Time Again!

The Texas Thoroughbred HBPA, Inc. and the Arabian Special Director 2004 Elections biographies, ballots and voting instructions were mailed to the respective memberships on Friday, November 07, 2003. Listed below is the group of the TTHBPA 2004 Election candidates:

Thoroughbred Owner Candidates
Larry Christopher
Bethe Deal
Tom Durant

Thoroughbred Trainer Candidates
Andy Konkoly
John Locke
Randy Mayfield

Click here to see Thoroughbred Owner & Trainer Candidate Biographies & Photos

Arabian Special Director Candidates
Mike Furr
Dan McNair

Click here to see Arabian Owner & Trainer Candidate Biographies & Photos

If you are currently a member in good standing (i.e.; currently licensed by the Texas Racing Commission, have started a racehorse in the past 12 months and own at least 5 % or more of a racehorse) of the Texas Thoroughbred HBPA, Inc. you will receive a voting ballot for either the Thoroughbred candidates or the Arabian candidates, whichever category(s) in which you may be eligible.

When voting for the Thoroughbred representatives you may for vote for no more than two (2) Owner and one (1) Trainer representative. If voting for the Arabian Special Director you may vote for no more than one (1) representative.

If you do not receive a voting ballot within the next 2 weeks, please contact Wanda O’Banan at (512) 467-9799 in the Austin office.

Ballots must be received in our office no later than Monday, December 15, 2003 and meet the bylaws requirements in order to be valid and be counted. The mailing address is located on the enclosed return envelope in the voting packet.

Good luck to all participants!

Coming Soon! For those of you that are current members and participate in Quarter Horse and Paint racing, the Texas Horsemen's Benevolent and Protective Association's Board of Directors 2004 Election voting ballots will be going in the mail no later than Friday, November 28, 2003.

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