AQHA Begins Registering Horses Once Excluded by White Rule

The American Quarter Horse Association announced on April 28 that it will begin registering horses that were previously ineligible because of rule 227(c), "the white rule," beginning May 1. To assist owners, the executive committee designated May 1, 2004 as the birth date of these horses, which allows them to be registered at $25 for the first seven months. The fee schedule will progress from that date rather than the actual date the horse was foaled.

To be eligible for registration, the owner must provide all customary registration documents--application signed by appropriate person, signed breeder's certificate, stallion breeding report, plus any transfers that might be needed. AQHA can contact the American Paint Horse Association for certified copies of AQHA documents if needed. AQHA can only accept documents that are completed on AQHA forms. Owners having difficulty obtaining the necessary documents should proceed with the registration process in order to lock in the lowest possible fees.Once received in AQHA's office, owners needing assistance will be helped by AQHA's Registration Customer Service Department.

"Our ongoing goal is to provide the best, most courteous service possible with anyone who wants their horses registered," said AQHA Executive Director of Registration Gary Griffith. "We recognize that some people will experience difficulties in locating and completing the proper paperwork, and we will use AQHA's best resources to assist anyone who needs it."

Any horses with white markings outside the current limits must be parentage verified, which requires a DNA type of that horse, its sire, and dam. Additionally, any horses that are Impressive progeny also must be HYPP tested if the AQHA does not have N/N results on file for the progeny parent(s). If the horse is already DNA-typed through another equine organization, AQHA can use those tests if they were conducted through the University of California, Davis. HYPP results will be accepted from any licensed lab currently used by AQHA.

Owners of horses with excessive white markings will need to submit photos when applying for registration to determine whether or not they must be parentage verified. On horses with white markings outside the limits, close-up photos must be included with the white area shaved. AQHA also requires a statement regarding the color of skin beneath the hair and the size of the spot.

Owners who have all the necessary paperwork in order but cannot parentage verify a horse because one or both of the parents are unavailable and were never DNA typed can apply for a hardship through Dec. 31, 2005. To be considered under the hardship, every effort must be made to obtain the missing DNA type.

Once efforts to parentage verify a horse have been exhausted by AQHA, the owners can ask the executive committee for consideration under the hardship clause. Anyone with questions concerning horses with excessive white markings is encouraged to contact AQHA at (806) 376-4811.

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