AQHA Hall of Fame & Museum Looking for Artifacts for Exhibits

The American Quarter Horse Hall of Fame & Museum is currently under renovation to make it a true Hall of Fame. The new Hall of Fame will be open to the public on June 9, 2007. In the meantime, museum staff is working hard to prepare for this special dedication. The museum hopes to offer a fun, interactive, educational experience for all ages. In doing this, the museum plans to showcase a variety of artifacts to represent each member of the Hall of Fame.

However, obtaining artifacts for some Hall of Fame members has become some what of a challenge for many different reasons. The Hall of Fame staff asks for your help in doing this. The artifacts for each member should tell each person and horse’s story as personally as possible. Each exhibit should help visitors to learn the story of each Hall of Fame member and their contribution towards the success of the American Quarter Horse Association and the breed. A few example’s of items which are ideal for this project are, saddles, racing plates, trophies and awards, photographs, hats, silks, halters, and anything which will portray who that person or horse is as a Hall of Fame member.

You will find at the end of this article a list of members who we have minimal or no artifacts for at this point in time. If you have any contact information for these members, items which can be used for their exhibits or questions please contact The American Quarter Horse Hall of Fame & Museum at 1-(806) -376-5181.

Following is the list of Hall of Fame members for which items are needed:

  • Ott Adams
  • William Anson
  • George Clegg
  • Robert Denhardt
  • J.B. Ferguson
  • J. Goodwin Hall
  • Jess Hankins
  • Robert Hooper
  • J.F. Hutchins
  • Roy Parks
  • J.L. Rhoades
  • Gus Scroggins
  • E. Paul Waggoner
  • W.B. Warren
  • Jerry Windham
  • Barbara L
    Billy Clegg
  • Clabber
  • Cutter Bill
  • Depth Charge
  • Leo P-1335
  • Moon Deck
  • Old Sorrel
  • Pecho Dexter
  • Peppy San
  • Poco Lena
  • Joe Cody
  • Joe Hancock
  • Joe Reed
  • Sugar Bars
  • Texas Dandy
  • Top Deck
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