THP & The Jockey Club Information Systems Offer Members Free 3-Month Subscription

The Texas Horsemen's Partnership, LLP, and The Jockey Club Information Systems, Inc., have joined together to offer THP members a free, three-month subscription to Portfolio Service. This free trial membership available exclusively for THP members offers an opportunity to try one of the most convenient, valuable, useful services available to horsemen today.

The Portfolio Service is an innovative new Internet service that is designed to help owners, breeders and trainers manage their equine interests more effectively. Some of the highlights of the service include:

  • Continuously updated mare produce records and past performances
  • Automatic notification of entries, results and workouts with detailed information
  • Real-time nicking reports on mares
  • Private, confidential communication between owners, breeders, trainers, farms and others
  • Interactive condition book
  • Expense and revenue tracking
  • Access to Equineline reports such as pedigrees and race records for Thoroughbreds and Quarter Horses

The Portfolio Service can save horsemen a considerable amount of time and effort while streamlining communication. In addition, it can allow horsemen access to a wide array of reports that could prove useful in decision-making about their equine interests.

THP Executive Director Tommy Azopardi commented, "We're very excited to be able to give our members the opportunity to try this great service free for three months. I think our horsemen will be impressed with the Portfolio Service and how helpful it can be in the day-to-day running of their horse operations."

All THP members were mailed a brochure about this offer along with their spring issue of The Horsemen's Journal. Signing up for the service is simple and just takes a few minutes, but you will need the promotion code provided in the brochure to take advantage of this offer exclusively for THP members. If you did not receive or have misplaced your brochure, please contact Wanda O'Banan at the THP office at (512) 467-9799.

Click here to sign up for your free three-month trial subscription to Portfolio service.

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