THP Action Alert: Please Write to Thank Your Texas Legislators Who Voted for HB2463
(Austin, Texas - Thursday, July 18, 2019) - We are pleased to report that significant legislation beneficial to the Texas horse industry was passed in the recently concluded legislative session. The most promising is HB 2463, which will eventually put $25 million annually into an escrow account from a portion of the taxes collected on the sale, storage, and use of horse feed, horse supplements, horse tack, bedding and grooming supplies, and any other taxable expenditure directly related to owning, riding, or boarding horses. Of the $25 million, up to 70% ($17.5 million) will be available to racetrack operators for purses, and 30% ($7.5 million) will be available to the recognized breed registries to enhance incentive programs or for "any event that furthers the horse industry." It is now extremely important to thank and support our Senators and Representatives who voted for this beneficial legislation. Full Story
THP Partner Organizations, TTA and TQHA Reach Agreement on Split of Anticipated Revenue Resulting from Passage of House Bill 2463
(Austin, Texas - Tuesday, July 9, 2019) - On July 9th, representatives of the Texas Horsemen's Association, Inc. (Quarter Horse and Paint), the Texas Thoroughbred Horsemen's Association, Inc. (Thoroughbred and Arabian), the Texas Quarter Horse Association and the Texas Thoroughbred Association met and came to a unanimous agreement. As rules are promulgated by the Texas Racing Commission and other decisions are made with respect to the revenue created in House Bill 2463 by the 86th Texas Legislature, all the money will be split equally (50/50) between Quarter Horse interests and Thoroughbred interests. The fund is anticipated to generate $25 million annually; therefore, if fully funded, Quarter Horse interests will receive $12.5 million and Thoroughbred interests will receive $12.5 million each year. Full Story
Governor Abbott Signs Two Bills That Benefit the Texas Horse Racing Industry
(Austin, Texas - Friday, June 21, 2019) - After years of effort, the voices of Texas horsemen and women were heard by our legislators in Austin. On June 14, Governor Greg Abbott signed two pieces of legislation into law that will aid our state’s horse racing industry by providing a new revenue stream for purses while also providing stable funding for the Texas Racing Commission. Full Story


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